Who We Are

We are a Maryland-based grassroots campaign that strives for universal healthcare. We will achieve this goal through building a people’s movement for single-payer, National Improved Medicare for All.  Founded in 2012, our campaign is grounded in our human rights vision and seeks to unite communities across Maryland. Since our launch we have started up chapters in several counties, including Anne Arundel, Baltimore, Carroll, Frederick, Howard, Montgomery and Prince George's Counties.

We believe it is self-evident that everyone must be able to get the care they need, when they need it, regardless of how much money they have. We want a universal, publicly financed healthcare system that treats health care as a human right and a public good for all. This system must eliminate all barriers to accessing care, and it must be financed equitably, so that wealthier people make higher contributions than those who earn less, while folks still have equal quality care.

Access to care should be free at the point of service, which means no one should have to pay when they go to see a doctor or hospital. We all contribute in advance through the tax system. Our healthcare system must be accountable to the people, and we should all have a say in decisions about our own care and the system as a whole. As healthcare is a right and a public good, it is our government’s obligation to ensure a universal healthcare system that protects our rights. Unfortunately, we suffer from a market-based system that treats healthcare as a commodity and as a result leaves hundreds of thousands uninsured and many more underinsured. Only a grassroots people’s movement can overcome this human rights crisis and bring us universal healthcare.