The next meeting for the Baltimore City chapter of Healthcare is a Human Right will take place on Thursday, August 24 at 7:15 PM at the Episcopal Diocese Center, off of University Parkway.

In February, we hosted an event at a local bar, where we watched a CNN debate between Ted Cruz ad Bernie Sanders on “The Future of Obamacare”. From the social workers that came out because they feel their patients deserve better, to the small business owner struggling to meet costs, to the multiple sclerosis patient whose well-being depends on expensive prescription drugs, everyone agreed that it’s time to move on to a single-payer system.

When the Democratic National Committee came to Baltimore to hold a strategy forum two weeks ago, we held a rally in support of HR-676 outside of the Convention Center.

Our Baltimore Chapter has also been coordinating events with nursing, medicine and public health students. We have made a commitment to send at least one chapter member to a racial justice event every month.

Chapter Leaders:

Jackie MacMillan and Rod Ryon