Healthcare is a Human Right Maryland Supports House Democrats' Call to Action on HR-676

May 24, 2017

This morning, a group of House Democrats, led by Representative John Conyers, Jr. (Michigan), assembled in front of the US Capitol to advocate for HR-676, National Improved Medicare for All, and called for other legislators to support the drive to make Single Payer a reality in the United States.

Healthcare is a Human Right Maryland (HCHR-MD) is proud to have a local champion in educating the public and advocating on behalf of HR-676 in Representative Jamie Raskin, who spoke at today's press conference. We are also grateful for the leadership of three other Maryland Congressmen, Representatives Cummings, Brown and Sarbanes, who have signed on as co-sponsors for the bill.

Since the inauguration of President Trump, HCHR-MD has attended town halls across Maryland, where we have encountered an outpouring of enthusiasm for National Improved Medicare for All. From Easton to Westminster, from Salisbury to Baltimore, Maryland residents have demanded with resounding clarity that it is time to stop using market-based solutions to deliver a basic human right. Our state stands with Rep. Conyers, ready for a Single Payer solution.

The momentum for single payer is so strong that even Health and Human Services Secretary Tom Price has repeatedly borrowed the language of HR-676 to sell the AHCA to the American people. But instead of restricting the affordability of health insurance to the rich, HR-676 would guarantee healthcare as a basic human right for all of us. While the AHCA accelerates the interests of elites and the pockets of insurance companies at the expense of the American public, HR-676 prioritizes the interests of people over corporate profits. And although the proponents of the AHCA insist that it will allow patients to choose their doctor, in truth HR-676 is the only way to guarantee flexibility of coverage.

“Healthcare is a human right, not a luxury,” said Brittany Shannahan, Organizer for Healthcare is a Human Right Maryland. “Where the AHCA and President Trump’s proposed budget cuts would retract Medicaid coverage from America’s most vulnerable and marginalized citizens and make health insurance unaffordable for people with pre-existing conditions, HR-676 sets out a bold vision for a future that is based on caring for one another. The initiative shown by Representative Conyers, Representative Raskin and the other co-sponsors of this bill demonstrates the sort of leadership we need to see in Washington.”

Healthcare is a Human Right Maryland is a grassroots campaign in support of a single payer healthcare solution through National Improved Medicare for All, also known as HR-676. Our movement is guided by the five principles of Human Rights: Universality, Equity, Accountability, Transparency and Participation.


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