6 Lessons from the UK Election for National Improved Medicare for All

The results of the UK general election are telling for our fight for single payer healthcare and how we’re going to win.

Britain had mass youth riots before us, the biggest anti-government resistance movement since the 60s before us, Conservative victories in 2015 and then Brexit before Trump. What happened last night says a lot about the future of politics in this country. They’re also very telling for what lies ahead in the fight for single payer healthcare and how we’re going to win. Here are six key takeaways from the 2017 UK General Election for our movement:

Call Senator Sanders: We need a Senate Companion to HR-676

At Healthcare is a Human Right Maryland, we are excited that Senator Bernie Sanders has promised a Medicare for All bill in the Senate. As an organization that has participated in single payer advocacy for many years, HCHR-MD strongly urges Senator Sanders to pursue the strongest bill possible, as companion legislation to HR-676, National Improved Medicare for All. In addition, we urge Senator Sanders to act quickly in introducing this legislation, and to not delay while the Senate debates the inadequate AHCA.

We encourage our supporters to call Senator Sanders' office using the call-in tool below, or to sign this petition.

There Is an Alternative: National, Improved #MedicareForAll

Where mass movements that originally materialized to defend public goods from right wing governments have succeeded, that success often depended on their ability to develop and fight for a visionary alternative. And when it comes to fixing our healthcare system, it’s crystal clear that National Improved Medicare for All is that alternative. Let’s make it possible.