We currently have active committees in 7 counties and growing.



We already have what it takes. Each other. History has shown that when people recognize their collective power, nothing is impossible. We must come together, get organized and build our own power throughout the state, so that we can overcome the entrenched interests and deep pockets of the insurance and medical industries that profit from market-based healthcare. That’s why we are building a grassroots movement to change what’s considered “politically possible.” This requires a strong base in communities throughout the state who are ready to stand up for our human rights. Grassroots campaigns are already starting to change Maryland and other states.

There is a strong base of support in Maryland for health care as a human right.  We are building the political power to make this a reality.  Universal healthcare is not some untested new idea – every industrialized country in the world has it! It is time for Maryland, and ultimately the United States as a whole, to catch up. Specifically, we are creating self-run Organizing Committees in each county in Maryland. We currently have active committees in 5 counties and growing.

Each of our committees meets at least once a month and engages in a combination of self-education and outreach. Throughout the state, leaders of the campaign are holding public healthcare speakouts, surveying their communities, connecting with faith groups, collecting testimonies, and educating themselves on how to organize themselves and empower their communities.

Our campaign is guided by 5 principles: